About Cindy

Cindy spent many years seeking inner peace. She read books, attended workshops, worked with life coaches, and joined study groups, to name a few. In her searching and discovery she found an application that worked. PSYCH-K® is ultimately the modality that changed her life. PSYCH-K® empowered her to change the subconscious “limiting beliefs” that kept playing out in her life. The impact on Cindy’s life was so powerful and positive that she wanted to take it out to share with the world.


•  26 years of self-study and personal transformation work in the healing arts


•  Professionally trained in a very unique process called PSYCH-K® (Psychological Kinesiology)


•  6 years on staff as a healer and educator at We Care Spa & Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA


•  10 1/2 years on staff at Desert Longevity Inst. with Dr. Daniel Johnson, M.D. & Medical Director in Palm Desert, CA


•  Reiki Master


•  Healing Touch Practitioner


“My purpose is to assist people in reaching their highest potential, to be the best they can be in each moment and to further enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the complete healing process.”
-Cindy Skidmore