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A surrogate is a person who is appointed to act for another individual.  The surrogate is a “stand in” who is doing the balancing for a specific person who in turn receives the benefits of the work,  just as if they were physically participating.

Surrogation is an effective, powerful, alternate method of conducting a PSYCH-K® session.  Surrogate sessions are similar to the basic personal, one-on-one sessions, with the exception that you do not have to be physically present to receive the benefits.  Exactly the same results are accomplished through a surrogate session as are achieved when an individual participates in a “live” session

Surrogate balancing also allows the work to be done with a person who cannot be muscle tested directly, i.e. someone who is too sick, too old, or too young to be physically present.  The process is based on creating a “link up” between the subject’s Higher Mind (super conscious mind) and that of a willing surrogate.  Surrogates may be used for friends, family, groups and organizations, pets and other animals, as well as Mother earth.

Key to successful Surrogate Sessions:

The mind-set of the facilitator and that of the surrogate are critical to a successful surrogation.  It is important for the facilitator to be a clear channel of divine inspiration and action without any attachments to the outcome or fixing anyone.  Both should have an attitude of respect of what is in the “highest and best good” of the person receiving the benefit of the surrogation.

If there is an agenda that is not consistent with the “highest and best good” of the recipient, access will be denied through the “link up” process.  If the agenda changes during a surrogate session to a less than “highest and best good” perspective, the surrogation will spontaneously disconnect.  Examples of this would be parents who want to “fix” their children, or those in relationships who want to “fix” their spouse or partner.


Skype sessions are held via the internet, using your computer.  You will be contacted at your scheduled appointment time using Skype.  You will need to be logged on to your computer and open the Skype program a few minutes prior to the session.  You are able to verbally, physically and visually participate in the session.


Telephone sessions are conducted using a speakerphone or headset.  You will receive an email prior to the session with the phone number you will need to call at your scheduled appointment time.  You are able to participate verbally and physically in the session.

Different Types of Surrogate Sessions:

One type of surrogation is where the facilitator acts as the surrogate for the client.

Surrogate sessions can be done via Skype. The client is able to physically take part in these sessions from anywhere in the world!

Another type is where the client is the surrogate for another person, group, corporations, couples, sports teams, homes and show animals or pets during a private session. * May require more time in the session.

Surrogation can be used when two people are involved, as in the Relationship Balance. The client may have a friend or relative act as a surrogate for the other person who is unable to attend the session.