Total Biology℠


Designed to uncover and resolve the conscious and unconscious stress/conflict that precipitates disease into the body. This approach is based on the work of Dr Ryke Hamer, as presented in the German New Medicine, and is especially important for the treatment of serious illness such as cancer.


Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a “scientific” asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge; it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.” - Dr. Hamer


Total Biology℠ is the science of purpose and meaning of health, disease, detrimental patterns and wellbeing. We all know what happens to us has an effect on our body, through our emotions. But being aware of precisely how the mind, the emotions and the body are interplaying through the brain is the basis to understanding the purpose of events and forces which govern our life. In life, everything is programmed in terms of survival, therefore even a disease is a survival program. Total Biology ℠ demonstrates that diseases and detrimental life patterns are the transposition in the mind or the body of a specific stress or conflict (of individual, familial or ancestral origin) which intensity has overcome the threshold of manageability of the individual. In these conditions, the automatic brain, which is programmed to keep the individual alive instant after instant, sends the specific program in the body which is the perfect solution to the unresolved stress or conflict. This specific program which is the perfect solution to the unresolved stress or conflict is what everyone calls disease. The disease program is going to keep running until the person becomes aware of its origin and resolves the stress or conflict which generated this specific response. Therefore, once the purpose of an event or a disease is understood, it gives us the opportunity to change the program which controls it.

Total Biology℠, and its practical and therapeutic applications Biodecoding and Bioreprogramming, is a new science born from the genius, talent, and 40 years of incessant research and experience of Dr Claude Sabbah, MD from France. 
Through a very rich, deep and precise comprehension of the biological mechanisms and archetypes governing life, Dr Sabbah has been able to understand the source of diseases and life patterns. Dr Claude Sabbah has integrated in Total Biology℠ the work and knowledge of many different doctors, scientists and researchers like Dr Ryke G. Hamer with his German New Medicine, Dr Marc Frechet and his discovery of the Project/Purpose program and the Cellular Biomemorized Cycles, Dr Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger and her Psychogenealogy and Family Constellations discoveries and many others.

The basic principle is that despite appearances, nothing happens at random in the universe and that every living being is programmed for life and survival. This means that diseases are not the results of a malfunctioning or degeneration of our bodies, but are part of this super program of survival and only constitute super-physiologic programs. 
The key to each of our diseases is to understand what purpose they serve, as they are solutions of the automatic (unconscious) brain to resolve a specific stress/conflict which we live and for which we cannot find a solution with our conscious mind. Once you understand what specific stress or conflict triggered this disease in your life, you bring what was unconscious and was causing the disease up to consciousness and have the opportunity to work on it and release the stress associated.

Total Biology ℠ has developed very specific tools and techniques, which practical use is called Biodecoding and Bioreprogramming to help everyone do this self-healing work.



Twenty years ago, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor received a call in the middle of the night. His 17-year old son had been shot while on holiday in the Mediterranean. Three months later, his son died and shortly after, Dr. Hamer, who had been healthy all his life, but who was utterly devastated by this catastrophe, found he had testicular cancer. Rather suspicious about this coincidence, he set about doing research on the personal histories of cancer patients to see whether they had suffered some shock, distress or trauma before their illness.


After extensive research of thousands of patients, Dr. Hamer concluded that disease is only brought about by a shock for which we are totally unprepared. This last point is very important. If we can in any way be prepared for the shocking event, we will not become ill. In fact, Dr. Hamer does not like to say ‘cancer’. Rather, it is a special biological response to an unusual situation, and when the ‘shock’ situation is resolved, the body sets about returning to normality.


Dr. Hamer has written several books on his medicine and his extraordinary findings. Many physicians in Europe practice his medicine, recognizing its exceptional diagnostic capability.  His extensive explanation of the biological process of conflict is outlined in his work titled: The 5 Biological Laws.  While even today, these biological laws lack of recognition by “official” or “conventional” medicine, the movement to change the status quo will come from people who understand the way their bodies work and start insisting that their physicians, health care workers and institutions take notice.


Dr. Claude Sabbah, the founder of Total Biology℠ and a cancer specialist, studied these new discoveries under Dr. Ryke Hamer.  In addition to his medical training (as a specialist in oncology, emergency medicine, sports and hyperbaric medicine and psychotherapy), Claude Sabbah is a researcher, NLP practitioner and a teacher and speaker of world renown. Total Biology ℠ integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specialization, recognized scientific research and various observations on the plant, animal and human realms. The concept sheds light and understanding on the normal functioning of a living creature, how it becomes ill and how it is possible for it to regain health and well being.


He advanced the work of Dr. Hamer by discovering even more emotional issues leading to illnesses. His theory claims that traumas and misdeeds of our ancestors can affect us today.  Claude Sabbah’s medical practice was greatly advanced as a result of studying principles set forth by Dr. Hamer’s ‘New Medicine’,  named today the German New Medicine.  Dr Hamer has discovered the important triad between the Psyche, the Brain and the Body (between 1978 and 1983). The brain is the central control station and illness is a program that the brain can switch “on” under circumstances of extreme stress or a very significant conflict experienced by a living creature. The brain can switch “off” this same program of illness as soon as the conflict that triggered the creature’s illness has been resolved or eliminated.


Claude Sabbah has applied these findings from 1985.  Since then, with his years of medical practice, his own findings, with the cooperation with many other researchers and scientists… Claude Sabbah has set the concept of Total Biology℠ which integrates: Dr Hamer’s New Medicine, Modern Western and Asian Medicine, Observation of the Biological Laws of the Fauna & Flora, Biological Cellular Memorized Cycles, NLP, the concept of the mini-Maxi Schizophrenia, Biogenealogy, personal researches, and many more…


Claude Sabbah during his seminars pays respect to Dr Hamer and his findings; he encourages regularly his students to attend Dr Hamer’s seminars.  Some people accuse wrongfully Claude Sabbah of plagiarism because he integrates Hamer’s findings.  As a Hamer’s student, Claude Sabbah uses Hamer’s findings and over the years Claude Sabbah has developed this Concept of Total Biology/Biology℠ of Decoding.  Dr Sabbah honors Dr Hamer who should have already received the Nobel Prize of Medicine (if we were in a “fair” world, soon or later his work will be recognized). Total Biology ℠, with its tremendous body knowledge, brings a great understanding on “how to help a person to become aware of the emotional trauma behind any condition and or pattern by connecting the person with its own roots (history, life time-line, project-purpose, to name just a few…)!


When we understand Total Biology℠, it becomes a great tool to help others…


Through understanding, the final step for the client, is to arrive at a solution to the situation of conflict, either in practice or by overcoming it, and finally by letting go of it.